Corporate Health

Over the years of working in health and wellness industry I have found myself drawn to the corporate domain, mostly because I can see there is a real need for my help and guidance when it comes to stress management, health and performance.

With advancing technology our environment is constantly changing, with this unfortunately I am seeing our health and performance is suffering. Most of us are sitting for far too many hours in the day, eating on the run and not getting enough sleep or what I call “off” time. With this unbalanced “on” way of living, we now more than ever need to focus on ways to support optimal health and wellness.

Our environment maybe changing but our basic human health needs have not. Busy corporate individuals need support, education and guidance, this is were I can help.

  • Founder of The Health Whisperer with over 13 years clinical experience
  • Co-founder of Un Retreat
  • Performance Coach
  • Keynote speaker and workshop facilitator
  • Online corporate workshops and cooking classes host
  • Nutritionist and speaker for KPMG Performance Clinic
  • Nutrition author for KPMG Performance Clinic and Strive Stronger corporate programs
  • Health writer and blogger for a variety of health publications including News Corp, Fitness First magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness, Yahoo 7 and Prevention magazine
  • Guest speaker on Weekend Sunrise
Corporate Clients and Appearances

“My busy work schedule including regular travel was an issue when it came to maintaining a healthy diet, after consulting with Teresa I now know what to look for on the menu and how to plan healthy meals around my busy lifestyle. She is empathetic, honest yet straight to the point, which is so refreshing as she doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. T understands the importance of tailoring a nutrition plan around the individual making her approach sustainable and realistic. T is passionate about nutrition and extremely knowledgeable across all aspects of health and performance.”

“Teresa is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! Her holistic approach combined with her up-to-date scientifically proven body-scanning device makes her a very unique and dynamic nutritionist. The bio impedance scan was an eye opening experience as it revealed body composition you simply can hide from. The scan enabled Teresa to set me realistic and personalised health goals.

She not only talks the talk but also walks the walk; Teresa is a good advertisement for her services as Teresa herself reflects a balanced, healthy lifestyle.”



“I have been seeing Teresa for several months now and she has quite simply changed my life! She has helped me set and reach realistic goals and smash through the boundaries that have held me up for so long in the past, I have lost 10cm from my waist and still shrinking.
Teresa inspires you to be your best, from the moment you walk through her door you are her number one priority. Teresa is beaming with health and her enthusiasm and passion is catchy, every time I leave I feel totally motivated and prepared to stay on track with whatever health goals we have set. Do yourself a favour and go see her.”

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