Below is a brief overview of my current programs, for more information on any particular program simply click provided.

Body Boost Challenge

The Body Boost Challenge is simply the best 4 week fat loss program you will ever come across. I have taken 12 years of my clinical client experience, blended this with the lastest weight loss and detoxification research to formulate this winning fat loss program. 

Refresh and Reboot

Sometimes you just need a little Refresh and Reboot. Combining over 35 years of health and fitness experience, physiotherapist – Merryn Aldridge and I have carefully formulated the most effective 4 week program to re-invigorate and re-energise your mind and body

Online Cooking and Nutrition Class

Optimal Nutrition, Health and Wellness Workshops and Cooking Classes are designed to be interactive, educational and fun. The idea is to demonstrate how quick and easy prepping healthy nutritious food can be, especially when you are time poor and busy.

Unretreat Health Retreat

Unretreat came from the vision of three professional coaches who knew the powerful results of scooping up their clients for a 3 day luxury immersion of body and brain work. The fully integrated approach uses the science of behavioural change, physiotherapy, nutrition, coaching psychology, & exercise physiology to achieve holistic results.

This is a unique and exclusive program, offering high performing individuals the possibility to unleash their full potential and transform the way they think, move, eat, live and conduct their business.

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