To educate, inspire and support others to make healthy changes to better their life.

As cliché as it sounds, I became a nutritionist to educate, inspire and support others to make healthy changes to better their life.

I am a qualified, registered nutritionist specialising in a unique blend of clinical, performance and corporate nutrition. I have 14 years clinical experience as the founder of “The Health Whisperer”

In 2021 I had the honour of launching Un Retreat – a 3 day health retreat tailored for busy corporate clients who struggle to find the time to invest in themselves.

Within my clinic I consult over a range of health concerns including stress, anxiety, obesity, weight management, sports and performance nutrition.

In addition to being a speaker and corporate performance coach, I have developed health and nutrition programs and content for corporate clients such as KPMG’s Performance Clinic and Strive:Stronger.

While most of us aim for a healthy lifestyle, there comes a time when you need the guidance and expertise from someone who cares.

We live in an age of advanced technology, yet awareness of good nutrition for optimal health and performance is failing. Chronic illness and disease is at an all-time high, obesity is a global epidemic and stress and anxiety has fast become a major area of concern for the health care industry.


I have made a number of television appearances and presented to a variety of corporate groups

The Goodnews

We can change this, by obtaining optimal nutrition from a healthy diet you can be healthier, live longer, and enjoy the benefits of more energy, positivity and enthusiasm for life.

I look forward to working with you.

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