Thank the baby Jesus, we now have a low carb, high protein pasta that the whole family will love. Not like any other low carb pasta Ive tasted before, this guilt friendly winter warmer is the perfect addition for those who what the comfort of pasta without the carbs or gluten

Protein Veggie Pasta



  1. Place pasta into a large bowl, add boiling water, cover and leave to stand.

  2. Chop zucchini, grape tomatoes, onion and capsicum into small to medium pieces (approx. 1-2cm)

  3. In a hot frying pan add oil, chopped vegetables and toss.

  4. Add pesto to vegetables, toss occasionally until tomatoes collapse and vegetables become tender.

  5. Drain pasta and place cooked pasta in two bowls, spoon cooked pesto vegetables onto of cooked pasta.

  6. Serve topped with crumbed feta (optional)

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